Homeless artist saved by pet dog

Street artist John Dolan’s sketches of his Staffordshire Bull Terrier George (whom he bought with a can of lager) saved him from a life of homelessness, and last night he opened his second exhibition that pays a particular homage to his ever faithful friend.

john & george 3

For three years, John and George sat on Shoreditch High Street every day – becoming somewhat iconic figures – and to pass the time, John began to sketch the neighbourhood and his furry friend. Word of his talent spread after he began selling his drawings to passers-by – eventually attracting the attention of the Howard Griffin Gallery.

john & george 2

Last year the venue hosted his debut exhibition, which included John’s cityscape works and collaborations with other street artists such as Broken Fingaz, Thierry Noir and ROA.

John’s second exhibition – which runs until 17 August – is a combination of George portraits and cityscapes that has been designed to create a small representation of John and George’s daily life, and the unbreakable bond they formed whilst living rough.

john & george 4

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