Flea control: How to fight fleas on your pet

flea control

As a pet owner, fighting against fleas and other nasty pests can seem like a daily battle. However, while they’re difficult things to keep under control, there are numerous products on the market to help you out. To make sure you’re treating your furry friend with the product that best suits them, here’s a rundown of the different options for sorting out their fleas.

Whilst fleas can affect any animal with fur, you’re most likely to find them in mid-size to large animals like cats and dogs; their fur tends to be longer and, of course, they have more space to conceal themselves. As such, it’s important to keep a close eye on your canine companion or feline friend, as prevention and protection are much better ways of treating them than reacting to an existing problem.

The first and most popular form of treatment would be to use a flea deterrent spray. These have a very useful double effect; they’ll provide a soothing effect for any irritation your pet may already be experiencing, while also protecting against the arrival of any more of the annoying little things.

While the flea deterrent spray is an ever-popular method to treat the problem, for those who didn’t already know, you may be surprised to find out that using garlic juice is also a fantastic natural way to protect your pet from fleas. It’s suitable for doggies and tabbies alike, and works by creating an odour that’s off-putting to any fleas or potential pests. Comb it through your animal’s fur and it’s as safe a bet as anything else that they’ll stay itch-free for the foreseeable future.

Pet shampoo is another alternative therapy for cleansing your animal of fleas. It’s specially designed to rid your four-legged friend’s fur of any dirt or pests without removing any previously applied flea deterrent. The natural ingredients in pet shampoo help to cleanse your pet while not upsetting the animal in any other way. This makes it a fantastic way to keep on top of your pet’s health and get their coat looking shiny without having to worry about fleas.

All of these protectors and deterrents are made from natural sources, many of them with proven herbal medicinal qualities that can even work on humans! As such, a spray, some garlic juice or pet shampoo will only serve to help your little friend out, not harm it in any way.

Fleas are a real problem, though, and if these treatments don’t seem to be working, you can get more ideas from the guide to flea control methods here. This will give you a more in-depth understanding of the processes surrounding flea control. To have even more of your questions answered, why not look at some flea Q&A information online. This will hopefully help you find the right flea treatment for your pet – so that you never have to worry about the pesky little menaces ever again.

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