How much does a dog cost?

How much does a dog cost? Dog with money


A new addition to the family can be pricey, so it’s important that owners fully you know the answer to the question: How much does a dog cost?, and make sure you have enough funds to cover health costs, too.  According to a survey by Sainsbury’s pet insurance, a dog will cost around £16,900 to keep throughout its lifetime, and although this is spread over the course of around 14 years, it still works out to more than £1000 per year.

Buy a dog

Of course, there are ways to save money at the outset, depending on the type of dog you choose. At the upper end of the scale, if you decide to buy a purebred animal, you can expect to pay upwards of £500 for a puppy.

Alternatively, for a thriftier option (and to do an exceedingly good deed!) you can choose to adopt a rescued dog, which can usually be picked up free from a reputable shelter. Generally you’re expected to offer a small donation to the home, but this is still considerably less than the cost of a pedigree.

Although rescued pets can be anxious and perhaps less friendly to begin with -particularly if they’ve been abused or kept in poor conditions – they often make loyal pets. If you’re interested in adopting an abandoned animal, contact your local rescue centre or animal adoption agencies.

How much does a dog cost: Grooming

If you don’t want to spend lots on grooming, it’s best to opt for a short haired breed. If you choose a long haired dog, they will need regular brushing and combing – and maybe the occasional trip to a grooming parlour! Grooming costs will naturally be even higher if you opt for a pedigree dog and decide to enter your pet in shows and competitions. Similarly, if you’d like to minimise the amount you spend on dog food, it might be wise to opt for a smaller dog – larger dogs tend to consume more!

How much does a dog cost: Health

Most importantly, you will need to register with a good vet and ensure that your pooch has all the essential inoculations, as well as occasional check-ups and visits in the event of any health issues. Vet surgeries can be quite expensive, but at the very least you can prepare for these costs by investing in pet insurance, which can cost as little as £4.08 a month for a cat and £5.17 a month for a dog, according to

What to buy your dog

Whether you decide to purchase or adopt an animal, you’ll still need to stock up on essentials such as a dog collar, toys, food bowls and a comfortable dog bed. Here at Pets Pyjamas, you can pick up a fabulous dog collar and dog bed at reasonable prices – take a look at our Chelsea dog collar for just £19.99 and our stylish Union Jack dog bed for £75.00.

For more advice on cost of pets, visit This is Money. Alternatively, take a look at’s handy dog owner cost advice.

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