How often should I bath my pet?

Our pets are as much a part of our home as we are. They roll around on our carpets, climb into our beds and snuggle next to us on the sofa, which is why it’s absolutely essential to keep their coats clean and hygienic – for the sake of their health and your furnishings! Here are some handy cat and dog washing tips to help you keep your pets squeaky clean.

Dogs, in particular, need to be washed regularly, and just how often depends on the breed of dog and how much time they spend outside. In general, dogs will need to have a bath every 3-6 weeks, depending on breed, hair length, and other factors.

Dogs that have dry skin should be bathed less frequently than dogs with oily skin, to help preserve their natural oils. Smaller pooches may be more prone to getting dirty, whilst dogs with rough-textured coats may be quite resistant to dirt, so there are a number of issues to take into consideration. Equally, if your pet spends lots of time frolicking in the local park and getting muddy, you may want to bathe it as much as once a week.

When it comes to bathing, cats are often overlooked, as they’re incredibly clean animals by nature. On average, your cat will spend up to five hours a day cleaning itself. However, as with dogs, bathing your cat can prevent excess fur from shedding all over your furniture, and even the cleanest of felines will become dirty after a while.

Bathing your cat regularly also helps to remove dead hair and skin, as well as excess oils, ensuring that your cat’s coat remains healthy-looking and glossy. As a guideline, aim to bathe your cat every 8 weeks or so – and every 4 weeks if you have an allergy-sufferer in your home.

Cats and dogs can sometimes be resistant to bathing, so it’s best to try to make the process as gentle and comforting as possible. Wash your pet in either the bathtub or the kitchen sink and use a nozzle on a low temperature and low power. Stroke your pet gently as a reassuring, comforting gesture – bath time can also be great bonding time!

When it comes to bathing, you should use a specialist shampoo for your pet. For puppies and cats, try our soothing puppy shampoo. This specially formulated puppy shampoo is perfect for sensitive skin, and is fragrance-free to preserve your pet’s lovely natural smell. Our puppy shampoo also has a balanced formula to ensure your pet’s coat is left looking shiny and healthy after bathing.

Anyone who has ever bathed a dog before will know that afterwards they like to shake their fur, run around the house and generally get everything wet – this is where a dog towel comes in. Simply slip a dog towel over your pet and use the side pockets to rub their coat down: it couldn’t be simpler!

If your dog is a bit of a mucky pup and you don’t have time for weekly washes, you can also keep it clean in between baths by using dog wipes. Our Mango Tango dog wipes are beautifully fragranced with mango essence, and are great for wiping away stray dirt and odours. These sweet-smelling dog wipes also contain cleansers and moisturisers to help maintain your pet’s coat and skin.

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