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Everybody would love a pet. A canine companion or feline friend to love and care for and keep you company every day. But unfortunately our modern lifestyles don’t always leave us with a lot of time to cater to our pets’ needs. So should you buy a dog?

Whilst cats can be hugely independent, once you buy a dog they require more attention and you may feel like you wouldn’t be able to look after one properly if you have a full-time job. Furthermore, dogs are pack animals, which means they love company; this is one of the main issues around leaving a dog at home whilst you work.

The Dogs Trust dog advice is that if you work full-time then, usually, adopting one of their dogs isn’t recommended. However there are some exceptions. If the prospective owner is willing to hire a dog walker or dog jogger, then they may consider allowing someone in full-time employment to take on one of their dogs.

The benefits of a dog jogger are manifold. The man behind the concept, Barry Karacostas, says that taking a dog jogging not only provides them with the company and attention they require, but helps to keep them healthy by strengthening muscles and ligaments, maintaining a healthy heart and encouraging a healthy digestive system. He also says that dog jogging can help to improve behaviour and discipline by using up the energy that a dog can sometimes use destructively.

The Dogs Trust recommends never leaving a dog alone for more than 4 hours, because they can become extremely distressed. As such, employing the services of a dog jogger can save you and your pooch a lot of grief. They’ll come right to your door to pick up your furry friend – even when you’re not there – and take the little one out for plenty of exercise and fun when you’re not there.

When you do come home in the evening, make sure you spend some quality time with your pet. This will have a dual effect; firstly, your precious pooch will still understand that you’re the boss, so you won’t lose the bond that you’ve formed previously. Secondly – and related – if your dog has fun exclusively when you’re not there, it’ll start to associate the outside world with entertainment while at the same time considering your home to be a prison from which to escape. Pretty soon, you’re going to have a runaway on your hands.

Even though they’ve had plenty of exercise during the day, take out a dog ball or some other accessories for walking and make sure you have some play time. This is the best way to lead a full, busy working life but still have a dog to come home to who not only recognises you, but who loves you right back.

Accessories for walking are easy to pick up and, like a dog ball, can make all the difference to keeping your dog happy at home if you’re away during the day.

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