Two dogs or one?

A lot of people make the conscious decision to keep the number of family pets down to just one – and this is ideal in the majority of those cases. If you spend a great deal of time at home, having one dog isn’t a problem because it’s bound to get plenty of attention. What’s more, when you’ve got plenty of time for walks, treats and cuddles, a dog won’t feel lonely, even without another pet.

But if you spend lots of time away from home or at work, getting two dogs could be a better option as the canine companionship will help stave off loneliness and boredom. Having said that, although dogs are very social creatures, they don’t always take kindly to other animals. If you’re thinking of introducing a new dog to the home, be wary that this can be a tricky process, especially if your pet is used to your full attention.

Try taking your dog for a stroll where you know other animals will be present. If your pet is aggressive towards other creatures, introducing a new dog to the home might not be a great idea. However, if your pet is receptive to other mutts, it’s probably safe to go ahead -although try to choose a dog with a similar temperament to yours so that they’re more likely to get on well together.

Alternatively, if you’re sure you want to take on the responsibility of two dogs, adopt two puppies at the same time and integrate them into the house simultaneously. Whilst this method is great for ensuring there’s no jealousy between the pets, two puppies are a lot of work and the decision to take this on shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Two dogs can also be a big financial responsibility, which can be daunting for some owners. Dog food, shots and equipment – plus vet bills – can be extremely expensive and you need to work out all the costs before making the commitment.

If you do decide to adopt two pups, a male and female generally get on well together. Bear in mind that if you adopt two male dogs, the issue of which is Alpha could become a major problem down the line, potentially ending in vast vet bills and a lot of grief for you.

When introducing a new dog to the home, be sure to keep a close eye on their interaction. Don’t try to force them to share toys, food and water bowls as you may encourage hostility between the two animals.

Once you’ve successfully introduced two puppies or dogs into your home, there are steps you can take to make your life easier. At Pets Pyjamas you can purchase a double dog lead to simplify walks and a double dog bowl for feeding time. Made from strong leather, the double dog lead is secure enough to restrain two pets, meaning you can walk them both simultaneously.

A double dog bowl for food and water is also a good idea, though you’d have to ensure the meat and biscuits were evenly distributed between the two dogs. You can even buy an extra-large dog basket, to encourage your pets to sleep together at night!

Visit Dog’s Best Life for more advice on getting two dogs.

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