Is organic food better for my pet?

 In recent years, the nation has fallen in love with organic food – from super-fresh veg to local cheeses, shopping organic is both environmentally friendly and helps to support small British businesses. The question is, should we be introducing our pets to an organic diet too?

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) recognises that many people prefer organic foods because they’re free of artificial additives and preservatives. However, although buying organic can be beneficial to the environment and local communities, the FSA says that it hasn’t found any major health benefits.

In terms of nutrition, scientific evidence shows that the quality of food may vary, depending on a number of different factors – these include freshness of the product, storage conditions, crop variety, soil conditions, weather conditions and – in the case of meat – what the animals are fed.

Generally speaking, scientists have found that these factors remain the same, regardless of whether a product is organic or not. However, those in favour of organic produce have denied these claims, arguing that better studies need to be carried out. Some theorists are convinced that organic food has specific health benefits, and in fact, some dog owners have reported increased health problems in their pets after feeding them traditional packaged foods.

Some pet owners have also reported that their pets suffer fewer allergies and have greater immunity against illness when fed organic food, whilst others claim that their furry friends simply find organic food easier to digest.

So, although there are no scientific findings to demonstrate the nutritional benefits of organic food, it’s certainly becoming more and more popular, with a number of organic pet food brands springing up, including Lily’s Kitchen organic dog food.

To ensure that cats and dogs are getting the very best, Lily’s Kitchen only uses ingredients that have been certified by both the BAHNM (British Association of Holistic Nutrition and Medicine) and OF&G (Organic Farmers and Growers).

For ambitious canine cooks, Lily’s Kitchen has developed several organic dog food recipes, which can be put together quickly using fresh produce and last several days when refrigerated. Made from simple ingredients like tuna, flour and eggs, all of these organic dog food recipes are low in fat and high in protein. But don’t worry if you don’t have the time to whip up haute cuisine for your pet on a daily basis – you can also purchase ready-made tinned food, biscuits and treats.

Lily’s Kitchen reports that owners have found that their pets have a healthier-looking coat and more energy when fed organic foods, which is definitely encouraging news for anyone thinking of introducing their pet to a new, healthy lifestyle!

For more information about organic produce, visit the FSA’s ‘What Organic Food Guide‘. And, if you’re thinking of converting to the organic way of life yourself, take a look at Planet Organic food for humans.

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