Jane Birkin and her Bulldog, Dora


jane birkin and dora


Jane Birkin has it all… a Hermes bag named after her, three incredible daughters (including model Lou Doillon and actress/singer Charlotte Gainsbourg) and a pretty adorable Bulldog named Dora. And like her Birkin bag, Dora rarely leaves her owner’s side. In an interview with Metropolitan magazine, Jane says, ‘The first thing I ask a hotel is, will they take Dora?’ She continues, ‘I couldn’t come home to an empty house. I couldn’t stick it. Already I’m hardly here, but I wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for her. If you’re an animal person then you find the idea of not having animals around totally weird. My father always had a Pekingnese tucked under his arm and my daughters are even madder about animals than I am.’


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