Jamie Klingler & McNulty

Last week team PetsPyjamas headed to London’s super stylish Primrose Hill, the stomping ground of Jamie Klingler, ShortList Media’s Publishing Manager, and her adorable King Charles Cavalier, McNulty. We met Jamie and McNulty at their local (where McNulty is pretty much a canine celebrity), Queens, to talk media, Monkey and McNulty’s very handsome namesake.

What was your career path in becoming ShortList’s Publishing Manager?

My first job was in NYC as a production runner for Law & Order.  That led to a brief stint at NBC and then I worked at Corbis for 7 years. 2 years in NY led to a transfer here and then 5 years in London with them.  During that time I met my current bosses and when they were launching ShortList I came on board here as Photography Director.  My business background then eventually led to my becoming publishing manager

What advice would you give to those wanting a career in the media? 

Passion and persistence goes a long way.  Most of it isn’t glamorous, we work a lot and very hard but the perks are definitely a lot of fun.  It’s also great to work with so many people who care so much about their magazines.

How do you juggle working full-time and owning a pet? 

I have a wonderful dog walker who loves McNults and has a number of Pomeranians. Since she lives in my neighbourhood, I’ve run into her while out with McNulty and McNults goes nuts and gives her lots of cuddles so I know she’s well looked after even while I am at work.  But my weekends/weeknights are mostly spent with pup.  My friends and I have adjusted where we hang out, and everyone basically knows if McNulty isn’t allowed in, I’m not likely to be there.

What are your favourite pet-friendly places in London? 

The Crown and Goose, The Lansdowne, The Hawley Arms, The Foundry, The Crown and Two Chairmen, The Queen in Primrose Hill.

What”s on your wish list for you and McNulty at the moment? 

She’s such a loving pup, she’s more than happy with a treat and a cuddle and her favourite teddy bear and squeaky ball.  I like to get her tons of different toys, especially around her birthday in December, but she tends to stick with the old favorites.  Think I want to take her to the lake district as she’s yet to go swimming.  She’s also not yet played on a sandy beach which I think she’ll love although it will be a mess.

What are your desk essentials? 

A calculator and my Filofax and a decent pen.  Old fashioned, but I love looking at a real calendar and writing with a proper pen.

What is your favourite area of PetsPyjamas? 

I like the ‘We love these’ as they are varied and unique choices.

And over to McNulty…

How did you get your name?

I’m named after Jimmy McNulty from The Wire.  Dominic West, who plays McNulty, once met my mom and asked if I was at least fierce.  She lied and said yes.  Fierce isn’t an adjective often used to describe me.

Do you have a favourite canine companion?

Monkey is my boyfriend.  Monkey is a cocker spaniel owned by our friend Andy.  He’s a lot bigger than me, but I love him.

What are your top three products from PetsPyjamas?

Haute Diggity Dog (I love to chew on real life champagne corks) Purplebone collars and I’d get my mom a King Charles Carrying Case

What is your favourite treat? 

Chicken or gravy bones or popcorn or cheese.  Yum.  I love cheese.  And popcorn.

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