Kristin Knox & Pomeranian, Butters

At only 26, London-based Kristin Knox has already penned two successfully fashion tomes and is the author behind top style blog, The Clothes Whisperer. With her faithful Pomeranian Butters by her side, she is a fashion force to be reckoned with. We chat to Kristin about Butters about jetsetting, fashion shows and the secrets to successful blogging.


What prompted you to start your blog?

There were no jobs in print when I finished my masters, so I decided to start blogging in the hopes that I could get my work out there. One thing led to another and blogging became my full-time operation.

Why the name, The Clothes Whisperer?

It’s from an episode of Ugly Betty!

What have been your top three career highlights so far?

1) Travel-all of it, it’s been such a blessing and I wouldn’t trade it (pun intended) for the world, 2) Lecturing at the V&A and 3) visiting the Louis Vuitton family home outside Paris.

What words of wisdom can you offer to aspiring bloggers?

Stay yourself, that is to say, don’t blog what you think you “ought” to blog, blog what you know. Blogging is about an individual perspective, your experience, not the generic, all-knowing and all-mighty. You’ll never be more omnipotent and omnipresent than etc, so keeping your perspective yours is the key to resonating with readers.

What are your current wardrobe essentials?

As it’s summer and I’m in Italy, I’ll go with a) denim shorts; b) as many T by Alexander Wang tanks I can fit in a suitcase and c) a sheer button up blouse from American Apparel in navy blue as a lightweight layering piece.

What are your favourite pet-friendly places in London? And where do you and Butters like to go when in Paris, Milan and New York during the shows?

Liberty London, for one, the cafe and the store are both very welcoming. 202 on Westbourne Grove is our favourite doggy-friendly brunch spot and Holland Park is Butters’ park of choice. In New York, we like to go to Tompkins Square Dog Run to de-stress amidst shows, the Soho Grand and their doggy room-service menu and the Bean Cafe in the East Village for doggy-friendly coffee cum biscuits. Butters has yet to visit Milan with me and in Paris, she can come everywhere (little dog capital of the world), so we like to frequent Cafe Deux Magot, Cafe Flor and other Left Bank haunts.

Illustration by Zarina Liew for The Clothes Whisperer

Now over to Kristin’s fashion sidekick (and blogger in her own right with her Tumblr), Ms Butters Knox…

How did your dlog come about?

I was guest dlogging for mommy and some of her readers wanted less canine more couture and some wanted the opposite. So we decided it was best that I strike out on my own.

What do you love most about attending fashion shows?

Grabbing all the attention front row and having my picture taken, I LOVE to be photographed. I hate the queues though.

What is your favourite fashion city and why?

New York because it’s my home town! But I love Paris because I can go virtually everywhere (I’m not allowed in Lincoln Center or Somerset House…technically). I’ve never done Milan but I’m ready to give it a try because Italians love me and always call me “bellissima!”

Which airlines do you prefer to fly with?

There aren’t many choices, it’s not so much the airline as it is the country as the rules differ by each one with the UK being the worst (I have to go cargo, it’s awful). Lufthansa is pretty good though Mommy complains about their human luggage restrictions. When I flew home to NYC for Christmas, I went United which was pretty good and also affordable.

Who is your favourite canine companion?

Uncle Terence (he’s a photographer friend of Mommy’s) has a girl pommy called Pepper who I’ve known since she was a pup, I’m like her cool aunty, and I love my Peps even though she’s all grown up and bigger than me now. The Very Simon G’s dachshund Dhillon is my fashion boyfriend, but I’m pretty sure he’s gay, we still have fun at events together though! My rival is Boo, he has a stupid haircut.

What are your top three PetsPyjamas products?

I love the “Pink Collection” toys because Mommy wrote a book on Alexander Muttqueen and Chewnel is my favourite brand. This Saville Dog Collar is super cute, like Miu Miu for canines, Mommy and I can match our Peter Pans. And lastly, I love this polka dot harness because Mommy refused to walk me on a collar (it’s very dangerous for petite pups such as myself) and has always kept me on harnesses. Polka dots are chic all the year round.


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