Life with a Kitten



We talk to Accessories Product Manager Corinna and her equally fashionable feline Tallulah the Exotic Shorthair Kitten…


Tell us a little bit about Tallulah…

Tallulah is an Exotic Shorthair Cat. She was born on 20th November 2011, so she’s nearly 1 year old.

How did you find Tallulah?

We found her at Acton Pet Store which is a family run business. Jean & her daughter Lisa, breed Exotic Shorthair Cats. I went one Saturday morning (only to have a ‘look’) but the moment that I saw Tallulah, I immediately fell in love!

What made you decide to get a kitten?

A lot of my friends are having babies, but I don’t fancy all the crying and nappies at the moment, so having a fur-baby was the next best thing.

How has it changed your daily routine?

She likes to sleep on a laptop case that is under the bed –  she’s really good and knows that when we go to bed, she goes to bed! But at 5.10 a.m. every morning, Tallulah will wake up and start scratching the wooden slats under the bed (she gets carried out at this point)! But we get to have nice cuddles in the morning when I get ready for work which is lovely.

What tips do you have for anyone thinking about getting a kitten?

It’s kind of like having a baby; you have to be responsible and make sure that she/he has food and a clean litter tray.  They are very playful which, is a lot of fun, but she can be very naughty when wool (I love knitting) or wires are around.  But it’s all worth it as she is absolutely adorable.

What are the essentials for a cat?

Dreamies!  These little treats are essential to be able to leave for work in the morning, without Tallulah trying to leave with me…

Tell us about her habbits…

Tallulah likes people watching out of the window and I pity any flying bugs that come through window, as she turns into a ferocious predator!  She likes to climb the clothes horse and is fascinated by running water. You can’t put a bag down without her getting inside it, or open a packet of biscuits / chocolate without her chewing on the plastic wrapper, and she loves pole dancing with chair legs, and sitting in the fridge! She won’t drink water from her bowl… it has to be from someone else’s cup… the list is endless!




Do you have any funny stories to share about her?

Everyday is hilarious… just look at her funny (but very pretty) face!

What’s currently on your wish list from PetsPyjamas?

It’s got to be the Cuccia Cat Kennel! It’s amazing!

Do you have a cat-sitter for when you go on holiday?

My boyfriend’s Mum loves cats, so we lend Tallulah to her when we go away.  Her house has stairs, which is a real treat for her.

Does Talullah have her own Facebook or Twitter?
She has her own facebook page:

To add Tallulah as a friend on PetsPyjamas click here.

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