Lily Simpson & Rudy

 Founder of The Detox Kitchen Lily Simpson reveals how her and her Yorkshire Terrier, Rudy climbed Mont Blanc together and how he loves joining her at work every day. 

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What made you set up your company and what are you currently working on?

I have always loved food and knew that I always wanted to have my own company. After working for 4 years in the property industry I decided that I had to do something I loved, so I set up my own catering company, ran that for two years and then launched The Detox Kitchen. We now employ 10 people, send our food to over 100 customers per day and have a salad and juice bar in Harvey Nichols. We are always experimenting with new ideas and new menus so there are lots of exciting things in the pipeline for The Detox Kitchen.

What breed is your dog and why did you choose that breed? I have a Yorkshire Terrier called Rudy. He is amazing but very naughty; in fact right now he is staring at the bag I keep his treats in and barking at me! He is now 18 months old, I got him at the same time that I started The Detox Kitchen. I chose a Yorkie because they are clever little dogs with lots of personality. He is also small enough for me to take everywhere which is much needed when you’re running your own company.

Do you always take Rudy to work with you?Yes I take him to work every day. He loves it here. There are always people around giving him attention, and it means I can take him for a good walk three times a day.

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What difference has Rudy made to your life? He has made a huge difference. I now go for a long walk every morning before work with my fiancée Ed which is the perfect way to start the day. Rudy also makes me laugh all the time, he has so much personality and can be very cheeky. It can be tough sometimes when I have meetings all day or have evening events but we always manage to work something out and I’m lucky enough to have lots of family and friends who look after him.

Where do you like to exercise Rudy? We go for walks on Paddington Recreation Ground in the morning and evening. And for lunch we go for a walk in Battersea Park, as it’s near the kitchens.

Does Rudy have any best friends? He loves Serge (Sophie Epstones lovely Cocka-poo) they love a good long walk in Richmond Park. His other best friend is Binky (a red haired Cocker Spaniel).

What fun things do you like to do with him? Sophie and I are planning a dog trek and we recently climbed Mont Blanc for Sophie’s charity Trekstock. We both love to walk so bringing the dogs is always great.

Does he have any funny ways? The way he greets people always makes me laugh, he is completely over the top, he goes round and round in circles wagging his tale. If he really likes the person this will carry on for at least 10 minutes!

Any funny incidents involving Rudy? Ed once tried to return some gloves to Muji and I was holding Rudy, and the lovely gentleman kindly said that Ed couldn’t return the gloves to Muji as they weren’t actually from this shop, meanwhile Rudy was sick all over the floor! It was an embarrassing situation all round!

Anything you feel strongly about regarding pet welfare? Definitely lots of walking, especially having a dog in London and only having a small garden, you must take the time out to walk your dog. I also think its important to feed them well, I sometimes make homemade dog biscuits, which he loves!

What is on your wishlist from PetsPyjamas? The Fabric Dog Lead from Creature Clothes is very cool. The Cool Dog Travel Bowl is also lovely, and an essential for long walks!

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