Liz Jones & Mini Puppy

Liz Jones reaches three million people as the Daily Mail’s Fashion Editor but away from work she surrounds herself with five dogs, two ponies, one race horse and 17 cats.  She tells us how her animals look after her and always manage to cheer her up.

Liz Jones

What are you working on at the moment? I am working on a screenplay about falling in love with my first love after 30 years apart.

You seem to be a real animal lover. How many animals do you have? I have a race horse, Lizzie, two ponies, Ben and Dream, and Collies called Michael, Grace Kelly and Mini Puppy, as well as two dogs rescued from Romania called Hilda and Spot. I also have 17 cats. They all live with me in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

What difference have the animals made to your life? My animals have brought me back to life and always cheer me up especially the dogs who are so happy in the morning. My cats have trained me, they like room temperature prawns and chicken from M&S.

Liz Jones1

Tell us about your exercise routine with your dogs? The Collies need so much exercise; we do 6k every day, but Mini is a law unto herself, she does 12k on her own. She is a maniac. My dogs never go on leads, and not one has even learned to sit yet.

Do you have any strong views about animal welfare? My horses live naturally in a herd, and are barefoot. I don’t believe in bossing animals, or telling them what to do. My animals come first and I really believe they look after me, not the other way around.

Liz Jones 4

Tell us about your charity, the Equine Market Watch. I am patron of EMW, which monitors livestock sales. No one at the charity takes a wage, and we believe in lobbying for new legislation – such as banning live export — not just mopping up the pieces.

What’s on your PetsPyjamas wishlist? My wishlist is a bandana for each of the dogs, and the bone shaped cookie cutter, as I try to avoid commercial dog and cat food so this would be perfect for making their food a little more interesting.

Liz Jones2

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