Why I love… Jack Russells

We spoke to Allison Mun-Gavin, who lives in Fulham with her husband and two daughters Ella and Lara. The whole family adore their two Jack Russells, Spike and Sparkle. She tells us here why her pooches are the perfect little companions. Find out about their favourite treats, her advice for new owners and some amusing behaviour.

What are the names of your dogs and how old are they? Are they related?

My dogs are called Spike (4 in July) and Sparkle (5 months). They are unrelated but adore each other.

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Why did you choose this breed?

Spike chose us as he was looking for a good home! Our girls, Ella & Lara were desperate for a dog and wanted a chiauwa. My husband said he wanted a small proper dog!

What is it you love about the breed?

I love their affectionate personalities!

Do they have any special requirements, health issues?

They do not have any special requirements and are not generally prone to too many health issues.

photo (2)Special characteristics?

They are energetic, loyal, loving and protective.

Amusing incidents?

Spike has a very special ‘party piece’ which he mastered as a puppy. When visitors arrive he pulls out his toy box from under the dining chair and tips it over to display its contents!

Favourite food?

Lily’s kitchen, edamame beans and a slither of steak occasionally!


Favourite places?

St Tropez has to be Spike’s favourite place …. In particular the beaches of Pampelonne where he spends his summers.

What would you advise others thinking of getting a Jack Russell?

JR’s need lots of love and affection and plenty of training and exercise.

Where do you exercise them and how much exercise do they require?

They require 2/3 hours of exercise per day and love to play fetch with a ball. Spike walks with a pack twice a week in Richmond Park. Spike loves to Nordic walk with me along the tow path but obvious doesn’t use the poles!

Any downsides?

Jacks do shed and can be vocal but luckily ours love the postman!

Favourite collar and lead?

Spike has an American Flag bandanna and sparkle has a sparkly jumper and leopard print harness.


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