Lulu Loves… The rescue story

LULU_HEADERIt was love at first sight when I first saw Lulu at a Dogs Trust event at the George in Mayfair. PetsPyjamas were providing prizes for the event and I went along to help out. Lulu was one of two from Dogs Trust looking for a home and everyone was crowded round her.

puppy gifts

She was the most adorable Cavachon puppy – that’s half Cavalier Spaniel and half Bichon Frisé and she had the sweetest expression in her eyes. She seemed completely unfazed by the party atmosphere and seemed to be enjoying every minute of the attention. Hannah from Dogs Trust told me she had been bought as a present and was unwanted. That seemed hard to believe as she was so lovely. Lots of people from the event wanted to offer Lulu a home and I didn’t rate my chances very highly. But having decided I would love to have Lulu I fired off an e-mail to the Dogs Trust and at ten o’clock they contacted me to say she was mine! I was overjoyed.

puppy gifts

I am a shoe designer and was off to Paris for Fashion Week but as soon as I was back I went to see Lulu at the Dogs Trust Essex kennels. I was thrilled to see she was just as sociable and happy as she had seemed at the party. The kennels in Essex are quite new and are really beautiful. Lulu had a lovely kennel to herself with a comfy bed and lots of toys. She was being looked after by Leigh, a lovely girl who seemed to genuinely love Lulu.

puppy gifts

I made an appointment to come back after Lulu had had all her injections and recovered from a mild stomach upset.

To prepare for Lulu’s arrival I bought some lovely puppy gifts from PetsPyjamas and my Mum sent me one of their personalised Pet Treat boxes. I couldn’t wait for her to arrive!


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