Lurcher: Dog of the Moment

lurcher vogue style

According to The Sunday Times Style, Lurchers are currently the “hip dog of choice for the fashion crowd – taking over from the sausage dogs” – and our CEO Gracia Amico’s gorgeous Lurcher Piper certainly fits that description.

Lurcher Piper

Not only does Piper have an office in Shoreditch – the fashion forward pup loves nothing more than a daily stroll around Notting Hill. Once she’s finished storming the cosmopolitan district, our Lurcher Piper enjoys sitting outside GAIL’s Artisan Bakery in Queens Park to meet other town hounds – and to lick rogue crumbs off her owner’s face.


When Piper fancies a weekend break from city life, The Old Swan & Minster Mill in the Cotswolds is one of her favourite dog-friendly travel destinations. The beautiful surrounding countryside and hotel gardens are wonderful to explore and she can enjoy some much needed fresh air!

The Old Swan 688

The Old Swan 697

Piper also recommends The Moonraker (formerly known as The Old Manor) in Wiltshire – the two acre paddock is the perfect spot for Lurchers to stretch their long legs, and Camber the resident hotel dog is always on hand to show new arrivals around.

lurcher holiday 2

lurcher holiday 3

Earning their name from the Romany word for ‘bandit’ – we can officially say Lurchers have stolen our hearts at PetsPyjamas.

lurchers product

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