Man reunited with his stolen Rottweiler

A story that will truly tug on your heart strings – Joshua Edwards from Coconut Grove, Miami has been reunited with his Rottweiler Duke, after the pooch was stolen from his garden as a puppy eight years ago.


In 2007, Duke was snatched from Joshua’s garden in South Florida leaving him devastated. After knocking on doors for sixth months and checking the animal shelter daily for three months – Joshua gave up hope of ever seeing Duke again.

However in an amazing twist of fate, Maria Elena Cartaya – another Miami resident – found Duke wandering the streets alone last week and took him to Tamiami Animal Hospital.

The local hospital carried out a routine check-up, found Duke’s microchip and traced it back to Joshua.

Upon being reunited with Duke earlier this week, the bond between dog and owner was clear to see.

“I think he knew who I was right away,” said Joshua.

Video courtesy of the Miami Herald

Despite now being married with two children and three other dogs; Minnie, a Dachshund, Duke Jr., a Rottweiler, and Blackie, a Shepherd-Rottweiler mix – Joshua had no hesitations about bringing Duke back to the loving home he was taken from.

Duke has reportedly settled back in as though he never left.

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