Mariella Tandy, Minnie & Spot

 When she is not attending press appointments as Tatler’s Executive Retail Editor or working on her vintage clothes website, Mariella Tandy is discovering pet-friendly place with her two dogs, Minnie and Spot…


How did you become Tatler’s Executive Retail Editor?

I went to university in America and did a variety of work placements in magazines there, before returning to London to work at Vogue for 4 years and now I have been at Tatler for over 4 years.

Tell us about your vintage clothes site?

I set up at end of last year. It is a marketplace to sell your pre-loved designer and vintage clothing. Users create profiles and upload their items with buyers contacting you directly if they see something they like.

What is an average day for you like?

Busy! It starts at 6am with a little walk around the neighbourhood with Minnie and Spot, usually followed by a trip to pilates or yoga. I then arrive at my first appointment, usually a breakfast meeting, at 9 a.m. and my day after that is filled with press appointments and meetings. Sometimes there is an event after work but I always look forward to heading home and spending time with the dogs. Every day is different, which is something I love about my job at Tatler.

Tell us a bit about Minnie and Spot

Minnie is seven and the most adorable loving creature. Spot just turned one, he is Minnie’s nephew and has the same sort of personality. I cook their food for them using recipes from the Lily’s Kitchen dog food book. Their favourite is anything with liver. They also love their Saturday morning bone treat from the local farmers market.

What is it like owning two dogs ? Is it more difficult than one?

No, not at all. I think that if you have one and all of the processes in place, another one just brings more joy. My boyfriend and I adore dogs, the only limiting factor is the size of our home!

Where do you live and where are your favourite local pet-friendly places?

We live in Chelsea and are lucky there are so many pet-friendly places near us. The Thomas Cubitt, the Orange, Pantechnicon rooms, and pubs like the Pigs Ear and Builders Arms are close by. In the summer Daylesford is always good to sit outside with them for breakfast and lunch and Olivomare has a little terrace where you can sit for dinner with them.

Do they have any adorable habits?

Minnie loves to jump onto the bed and burrow under the covers in the middle of the night. She is so stealth like we don’t notice until the morning when she often works her way up to the pillows!

Spot is amazing at tricks; he is especially good at ‘meercat’ standing on his back legs – anything for a treat.

Who are their best friends?

Minnie prefers humans but Spot is obsessed with his girlfriend, Ruby, also a Jack Russell who belongs to our neighbour. Every time we pass her house he barks at her to say hello.

What are your tips for owning a dog in the city?

Don’t leave them at home for too long. Finding a great doggy daycare is a must. We love Dog Villas and Dogs and Kisses. Having a friend or two who loves dogs is also handy when you need to go somewhere you can’t bring them.

What are on Minnie and Spot’s PetsPyjamas wish lists?

Minnie loves the Gingham Collar with daisies, The Danish design pet house, we have one but they both try and cram themselves into it at the same time. Minnie would enjoy the sleuthing aspect of any Nina Ottosson dog brain toys. Spot likes the carnival bandana collar, the dog doza personalised cushion so Minnie knows not to disturb him when he is chewing his pig’s ear. And he would like to have a go at destroying the Orbee tough raspberry toy

What’s on your SS13 wish list?

Some Lulu Lemon leggings, I live in them at the weekends when walking the dogs.

What is the best thing about being a dog owner?

You always have company. The best feeling is coming home and having them so excited to see you. We met many people in the neighbourhood through their dogs.

Have Minnie and Spot ever been to a fashion show?

Yes several. They love all of the attention they get.


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