Georgie Coleridge Cole & Mouse

Meet Georgie Coleridge Cole, Editor & Founder of We sat down with the glamorous businesswoman and mother of one (with another on the way!) during her PetsPyjamas photo shoot about starting her own business, motherhood and of course, her gorgeous Maltese Lhasa dog, Mouse…


What inspired you to start
I always wanted to write a book about savvy shopping and style – good places to go for a white T-shirt, etc. – but  in 2006 thought it would be best to put it online. As I started researching I started to notice that there were quite a lot of small, niche retailers selling online as well as some bigger players such as ASOS, NET-A-PORTER that then most people hadn’t yet heard of, and wondered where you’d go for an up to date entity of the best the web had to offer in terms of fashion and lifestyle retailers. And so SheerLuxe was born. It quickly became clear that editorial content needed to sit alongside the directory of retailers to engage with readers and build loyalty. Five years on and our mission is to edit the well known and find the unknown. As well as provide offers, news, celeb style, recipes, blogs and lots more.



What advice would you give to women looking to start their own businesses?
Take how long you think it will take to make money and double it. Be prepared to give up every evening, weekend, holiday and really put in the hours. A good idea is one thing but drive and hard work count for a lot.

What breed is Mouse?
A Lhasa Apso crossed with a Maltese. Fun fact: Kennel Club have taken ‘Terrier’ out of the Maltese breed because apparently it doesn’t reflect their characteristics!

How do you juggle motherhood, your business and owning a pet?
I got Mouse when Laura (SL’s deputy editor) and I were working out of my one bedroom flat. I was at home, working all the time and it was so nice to have the company. Plus having a dog meant I had to take a break and get out to walk her. She now comes to the SL office (as well as Laura’s dog Nala) and is really part of the team and as I live just a few minutes’ walk away, it’s all very easy. In terms of motherhood, my husband was clever in agreeing we could get a dog just after we got married – I think he thought it would delay a baby for a while longer and he was probably right! That and SL anyhow. Now that I have my daughter, Coco, I’d say it’s definitely hard to juggle a dog walk and activities for Coco especially as there are so few places inside – if the weather is bad – that you can take them both so Mouse doesn’t get quite as much exercise as she used to. Having said that, her favourite thing in the world is a game of golf (18 holes!) with my husband on a Saturday morning.

What are your favourite pet-friendly places in London?
The park, pubs… Mouse loves The East Hill, our local.

What’s on your wish list for you and Mouse at the moment?
For me, a whole new wardrobe. I have been pregnant all year so have bought myself nothing and am longing for the A/W season (I will have had no.2 by then) when I can wear / buy nice clothes again! For Mouse, a new collar as hers is a bit tired. I love these  collars – they’re so smart:

What’s in your makeup bag?

What are your desk essentials?

What is your favourite area of PetsPyjamas?
The features section. There are some great articles there – entertaining and useful and whilst I’d never read, buy or subscribe to an animal print magazine, I’d definitely check back and see what had been written about here.


And now over to Mouse (who, by the way, was one of the most well-behaved dog models PetsPyjamas has ever had on a shoot!)…

How did you get your name?
My breeders named me Mouse because I was the only one in the litter and they thought I looked like a little mouse when I was born.

Do you have a favourite canine companion?
My master. He wasn’t really into dogs until I arrived but we are best of friends.



What are your top three products from PetsPyjamas?

I sleep on a cashmere throw on my owners’ master and mistress’s bed but when I’m in the office or downstairs then this is super comfy and matches our interiors too.

I go for grooming at Waggin Tails but in between visits this stops my coat from getting too knotty. It’s especially useful after I’ve been for 18 holes of golf with my master – our favourite way to spend a Saturday morning.

Mutts & Hounds make lovely looking toys that match our house and I’m allowed as many of these as I like.

Did you enjoy your PetsPyjamas shoot?
Very much. I love having my picture taken but since Coco arrived (my mistress’s 17 month old daughter) the camera has been far more focused on her instead of me.

What is your favourite treat?
Chicken of course.

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