Aalish Maddrell & Dachshund Maggie

PetsPyjamas caught up with the stylish duo Aalish Maddrell and adorable Dachshund Maggie to find out what they’ve been up too and where their favourite Pet Friendly hang outs are…

Describe your style?

My style is based around a few key classic pieces: great jeans, good tailoring and beautiful ballet flats. My short hair has become a bit of a signature although I am in the process of growing it out for my wedding!  In a dream world I would like to live in sky high heels and beautiful silks, but I would need to employ a driver and bag carrier first (!)

Tell us about your role at Austique?

I have been at Austique for nearly five years and am in charge of the retail side of the business, covering the website, the stores and the buying.

What is your must have wardrobe addition for you and Maggie this summer?

For me a Sophie Hulme handbag. For Maggie, a neon collar – she looks very cute in bright colours.

What are your favourite pet friendly places?

We have become connoisseurs of pet friendly places in London – our favourites are The Phene, who make Maggie her own charcuterie board and The Thomas Cubitt.

Maggie has also been known to visit the Electric Cinema where we get a sofa to share.

We understand you are getting married in September. Will Maggie be attending and what will she be wearing?

Yes that’s right. Maggie will be attending the wedding although she doesn’t have an outfit yet – perhaps Amanda Wakeley could design something to match mine?

How does Maggie get on with your fiance Marcus?

Maggie and Marcus are great friends now although it took a while for them to see eye to eye. He gets quite a lot of stick for taking her out to the pub with his friends when I’m at work, but he handles it pretty well.

Does Maggie come to work with you and does she enjoy it?

Maggie loves coming to work especially to the Marylebone store where she gets to hang out with Lily Fortescue, whose family dog sit for Maggie when I’m away.

Does she have play dates and overnight sleep overs?

She has sleepovers with her two best friends: Lily and Rosie Fortescue’s dachshund Noodle and also Marcus’ terrier, Tinkie who is her best friend when we go to the countryside.

Interview questions for Maggie:

Did you enjoy the photoshoot?

Yes- it was great fun to meet Rufus

Do you enjoy dressing up?

Not really. I like to change my collars around but I feel a bit silly in anything too ‘human’

What are your plans for the May bank holiday?

I will be in the Isle of Man with my grandparents chasing sheep on their farm!

Who is your best friend?

Tinkie and Noodle are both my best friends. Noodle and I were filming for Made in Chelsea together last weekend which was lots of fun!

Do you plan on having some playdates with Rufus and Heidi?

Yes please!

Maggie’s wishlist:

Pink Kat Maconie pink collar

Union Jack bone– she is very patriotic!

Rattan Food Mat so she doesn’t get her lunch all over the floor!!

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