Neil Fox & Bonzo



Radio and TV Broadcaster Neil Fox talks to PetsPyjamas about the latest addition to his family, adorable puppy Bonzo.

What are you up to at the moment?

At the moment I am hosting Magic FM’s breakfast show every day, and also working on a couple of new TV shows that my production company has created. We are also in pre-production on our next 2 feature-length movies. So I am quite busy!

What made you decide to get a rescue dog?

We had a hamster called Harry but sadly he died last year.

What made you choose to get your dog from Battersea?

We went to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home because we always wanted to give a good home to a rescue dog and as Londoners Battersea Dogs & Cats Home had to be the place!

Tell us about Bonzo?

Bonzo is 3 months old now he has settled in really well but loves chewing everything and anything!

It has been wonderful watching him explore his new world, taking him to the park to meet other dogs, and their owners, has been fabulous.

Bonzo is a fun, feisty little fella and we are working hard to train him as quickly as we can. Battersea Dogs & Cats Home gave us some really useful tips as to how to do it effectively and so far it is working okay.

As I have a beard at the moment, which is brown, black and white the kids seem to think that me and Bonzo look a bit similar!

Are your children excited about Bonzo?

They were in love with him from just seeing his picture and when they all met it was perfect!

Have you ever had any other pets before?

I had a Beagle called Marcus when growing up and my wife grew up with German Shepherds and Cats.

Where do you live and where will you walk the dog?

We are lucky to have lots of park space near us in Fulham and it’s great going out for walks and the dog owners are so friendly and as I love to chat it’s heaven!

Which products from PetsPyjamas would you choose for your dog?

Bonzo’s favourite toys seem to be any of our shoes, my wife’s UGG slippers seem very popular at the moment.


Listeners of Foxy’s Brighter Breakfast on Magic 105.4 FM can look forward to updates about Bonzo.

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