Jo Berryman, Nico and Dolly

We chat to celebrity interior designer, rock ‘n’ roll mother (formally married to Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman, with whom she has a daughter, Nico) and pet lover Jo Berryman about her plans for Mother’s Day and the relationship between her beloved pooch, Dolly and her daughter.


What breed is Dolly?

Dachshund and Shih Tzu Cross.

How do you juggle motherhood, your business and owning a pet?

I have a great support network at home and in the studio. Fortunately my studio is at home which saves travel stress, leaving me more time to lavish love on my daughter, Nico and my fur baby, Dolly. Dolly happens to be Matrushka’s cuddle bug and muse, she’s happiest when resting on my lap during creative brainstorming sessions.

What projects are you currently working on?

We are working on some large offices in Cavendish Square, as well as the West Wing in Somerset House.  We’re also just about to launch our online shop.

What are you planning to do on Mother’s Day?

Nico and I plan to go for a lavish Sunday roast at the Old White Bear in Hampstead.

How do Nico and Dolly get on?

Nico refers to Dolly as her fur sister.  Dolly loves to snuggle up with Nico on the Sofa for a spot of Snoopy and friends.

What are your favourite pet friendly places in Hampstead?

Dach and Sons on Heath Street is extremely dog friendly. The Heath is Dolly’s spiritual home and the cute Antipodean baristas at Ginger and White always bring Dolly a bowl of water and a biscuit.

What’s on your wish list for you and Dolly at the moment?

I love the Poker Cushion by Takkoda and I know Nico and Dolly would love it as they are both mad Lady Gaga fans. I have also designed a limited edition dog bed which is now available to buy from  Dolly was my muse when designing it as it is for small breeds and was hand crafted from a 1960s suitcase.

What are your favourite areas of PetsPyjamas?

I love the ‘Me & My Pet’ section and the Lifestyle section is sublime.



And now over to Dolly…

How did you get your name?

My Mummy thought it would be cute and camp to name me after a country singer with preternaturally endowed mammaries, I’d rather have been named Dolores, much more glamorous, much more moi.

Do you have a favourite canine companion?

I don’t care for dogs so much. I’m rather fond of a Cat named Jasper who lives next door.

What are your top three products from PetsPyjamas?

What is your favourite treat?

Smoked salmon is my treat of choice.


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