Rosie Fortescue & Noodle’s holiday in Maussane Les Alpilles, France

Made in Chelsea’s Rosie Fortescue and Dachshund Noodle share their holiday diary from Maussane Les Alpilles, France

R: This is our first evening in the South of France going out for dinner. Unlike in London, dogs are socially accepted almost everywhere in France and it was great to be able to take Noodle out to dinner with us as we always sat outside. Noodle especially loved being involved.

N: Below is a photo of me walking with mummy and daddy to dinner:

N: Below is a photo of my friend – we met on our way into the village!

N: Below is a photo of me chilling out in the sun. It took a while for me to adjust to the heat and to realise that even though the others were sun bathing in the sun, I could sleep happily in the shade!

N: Getting ready for another trip into the Maussane for dinner:

R: Noodle getting kisses for behaving so well!

N: Spending the evening chilling in my Cath Kidson bed:

N: Keeping guard like I do at home, watching the garden for any animal intruders!

N: Having my first swim. Not sure how to handle the water.

R: Noodle being a good girl and getting a French chicken wing for dinner. Especially loving it because the chicken wings in the French butcher are much bigger than the ones we get in London!

R: The most exciting day for Noodle was towards the end of our holiday when we had the Abrivado right next to our house in Maussane.

R: Noodle couldn’t quite contain her excitement at the huge bull that was stopped right in front of us!

R:  Noodle also loved her trip to the market in St. Remy de Provence, where she adored the smells of all of the fresh food.


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