Oliver Proudlock with Yorkshire Terriers Blackie & Bella

Made in Chelsea star and fashion designer Oliver Proudlock  talks to PetsPyjamas about his fabulous clothing line, Serge DeNimes,  his favourite dog-friendly hangouts, and tells us about his and her adorable Yorkies, Ebony, Blackie and Bella (who answer a few questions themselves).

How did your role in  Made in Chelsea come about?
I was originally asked to appear in season 1, as I am really good friends with a lot of the cast. However, at the time I didn’t think that I wanted to be involved in a reality TV show. When the producers approached me again and asked me to appear in season 2, there were other considerations in my life which lead me to do the show.


What are you doing for Christmas?
I am going to Sydney in Australia to visit my sister and her family for three weeks. I am so excited!!


Will we see you on our screen over Christmas?
Yes, there is a Christmas special which is being aired on Thursday, 22nd December at 9.00 p.m. on E4.


Do you enjoy your new found fame?
I wasn’t expecting the reaction that has occurred. It is great to see that people are enjoying the show, and it is nice to be able to do things which make people happy. However I must admit that the overall effect is very surreal.


Tell us about Serge DeNimes?
Serge DeNimes is a clothing brand that I set up in June. At the moment it specialises in unisex t-shirts. The first line was inspired by my Mothers photos from Carnival in Rio, 1978. I visited Rio Carnival this year and it was amazing.  For this  particular line we have teamed up with a project, set up in one of the desolcate Favelas in Rio de Janeiro, rating 5% of all profits to help their great cause. The new project has been extremely exciting, and I am really looking forward to developing the brand further, not to mention being stocked in Harrods for S/S12! The t-shirts are currently available online as well as the Wolf & Badger on Ledbury Road, Notting Hill.


Do you get on well with the other participants? Are they friends anyway?
Yes I get on with everyone in the cast. I knew most of them before I started on the show, and have since built some strong friendships.


Do you fancy any of the girls on the show?
I couldn’t possibly comment.


How do you see your career developing?
I hope to develop my brand Serge DeNimes, as well as hopefully get back into painting and having exhibitions.


Did you enjoy the fashion shoot?
Yes it was good fun. I was amazed how relaxed the dogs were as usually it is very hard to keep them still. And photographer Amy Parton was amazing of course!
Do you have a favourite Yorkie? If so why?
Out of the three? I think Ebony has to be my favourite. She is so chilled.


What are your favourite things to do?
Hanging out with my friends, painting, going to exhibitions, going to the cinema, holidays, football, tennis.


Which are your favourite pet friendly places?
Battersea Park.
Did Rufus get on well with the other yorkies?
Ha yes. I think he was a bit intimidated at first, but he soon felt comfortable.


Interview questions for Blackie, Ebony and puppy Bella:


Did you enjoy your photo session with Oliver?
Yes, we loved it. We are used to being photographed as Lena (Oliver’s mother) is a photographer.


Do you enjoy dressing up?
Yes we love wearing our fairisle knitted jumpers.


What about Lena’s beanbags?
Oh yes, we love jumping from one to the other.


What are you doing for Christmas?
We are spending it at home in Gloucestershire.


What did you think of Rufus?
We really liked him but we were a bit upset when he stole our food (chicken and rice) that Lena had prepared for us.


Will you be arranging any play dates with Rufus?
Yes we hope to be coming up to stay with Rufus in London in January.
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