Oly Durey & Berry

Traditionally at London Fashion Week, Mulberry invite their favourite doggy guests to their seasonal fashion show, in addition to the select one or two who actually get to walk the runway. Last season, one such VIP (Very Important Pooch) was Berry the Pug, who managed to sleep through the hubbub and charmed us in her tiny printed Mulberry parka.

So you can imagine our delight when a couple of weeks ago, we got to sit down with Berry and her owner Oly Durey, Associate Director of Jack Bell Gallery in St James’s, London. Berry had just returned from a fitting at Mulberry ahead of their upcoming fashion show, and we got a sneak preview of her fashion week outfit. Read on to find out more about Jack, Berry and the glamorous life of a Mulberry doggy ambassador.



Oly Durey, Associate Director of Jack Bell Gallery and Berry, Pug and Mulberry Ambassador


Hi Oly, tell us a bit about what you do…

I just recently joined the gallery. We represent a number of artists, mostly from Sub Saharan Africa – from Mali, Benin and from the Ivory Coast. We have had a number of shows now here in the new space in the last year and a half.


How did Berry become a Mulberry dog?

My girlfriend used to work for Mulberry in the branding department and Berry became a friend of Mulberry.


How did you find Berry?

We were looking for a long time. We finally found Berry on a website from a lovely lady who was a dog trainer – she’d taken Berry on as her pet but soon realised that she didn’t have enough time to look after her, along with all the other dogs and her film commitments. So we took Berry at 6 months and we’ve had her ever since!


How old is she now?

She’s now a year and a half.


She’s so petite!

She’s four and a half kilos and pugs are normally around ten kilos so she’s pintsized!


Why the name Berry?

We looked back at her Kennel Club certificate and Rattle and Hum Blackberry Bomb is her proper name. So we went back to the Kennel Club name and just shortened it. And she’s black and small and curls up like a berry!


Where do you live and what are your favourite dog friendly places?

We live in Maida Vale. Primrose Hill is great for dog walking and hanging out in the cafes. Our favourite is The Cow in Westbourne Park Road. Berry loves going there in the evening. As soon as we arrive they’re straight out with the water bowls,  and she occasionally sneaks a bit steak or some spinach.


Does Berry have any artistic preferences?

She’s not shown any yet! She likes meeting all the artists and clients, and new people.


Has Berry planned her fashion week outfit?

She has! She will be wearing a new blue parka from Mulberry, of course.



Thanks to Oly, Berry and the Jack Bell Gallery. Visit the gallery’s website here: http://www.jackbellgallery.com/

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