Owner renovates home for cats for $35,000

A cat lover from Goleta, California has allegedly spent $35,000 transforming his home into a feline paradise for his 18 cats.

Peter Cohen, the co-owner of building company Trillium Enterprises, reportedly began adapting his home for his cats so they would not be in danger by going outside. The renovation has seen colourful ramps, climbing poles, walkways and tunnels installed around the property, turning it into a fantasy land for his furry friends.

cat house

A network of tunnels allows the cats to travel from room to room easily and safely, and features such as a spiral-like staircase ensures they won’t get bored.

cat house 3

The cat enthusiast has also installed a ventilation system to keep the air clean and regulated, a necessity for a home housing so many animals. In addition, no special surfaces or paints were used, and the walkways are cleaned and vacuumed regularly.

cat house 2

With such inventive and inspiring features it’s hard to imagine the renovation wouldn’t have been a success, however Peter had his reservations, “When we first started building the walkways and tunnels I was worried the cats would not use them, but from day one, they couldn’t wait to get on everything.”

cat house 4

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