Paris Hilton jets back to beloved dogs

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After a weekend partying in Las Vegas, Paris Hilton couldn’t wait to get back to LA to see her beloved pet dogs. She immediately hopped on a private jet home, racing back to play with her ‘baby loves’ after some time apart. The blonde socialite didn’t even change out of her travelling outfit before cuddling up to her canine companions, showing off her animal adoration by wearing a simple black maxi skirt and a top with a cat face printed onto the front.

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Once reunited with her four legged friends, Paris proceeded to snap plenty of instagram pictures of her and her pets, showing off her dogs’ luxury doggie mansion in the process. Hilton’s pups reside in a miniature replica of Paris’ own house, featuring a black crystal chandelier, air conditioning, and miniature furniture. The home, furnished by interior designer Faye Resnick, cost $325,000 in total. Paris is clearly completely devoted to her dogs, sparing no expense when it comes to keeping them happy and living in luxury.

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