Pet owners are more likely to believe in love


A survey of Canadians on has found that Canadians who don’t own pets are less likely to believe in soulmates and true love, with only 68% of non-pet owners believing in true love versus 77% of dog lovers and 76% of cat lovers. It’s interesting to consider why this is. Are pet owners more likely to believe in true love after experiencing the comforting relationship between owner and animal?

dog owners love

The study also showed that cat lovers live up to their reputations, showing more frugality and aloofness than dog owners. Individuals who owned cats typically paid between $5 to $10 on a first date, which seems pretty measly compared to $40 to $50 spent by dog owners. Like their pets, cat lovers appear to be more reserved when it comes to dating, with 34% of cat owners waiting for the other person to initiate contact after a first date.

dog owners love 2

Compared to cat owners and pet-free people, dog owners are the most likely to have had a one night stand, with 55% of dog owners reporting that they had done so in the past. Dog owners are also the most likely to have dated a friend – 51% compared to 47% of cat lovers.

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