Dog treats – top tips on how to train your dog with them

Pet Munchies are one of the UK’s leading gourmet dog treat brands and are favoured by canines of all shapes and sizes. All their treats are created from 100% natural ingredients and come in resealable pouches – ideal for positive reinforcement training techniques. Here, Pet Munchies reveal their top tips for training your pooch.

dog treats

1 – Reward your dog with tiny treats
Reward your pooch with small treats, but it is also important to be generous with them. When your dog performs behaviour you like, deliver the rewards fast and frequently – this will help instil the good behaviour more quickly.

2 – Use treats to ‘lure’ your dog
A popular way to train your dog is to lure them to perform the behaviour you want. For example; if you want your pooch to learn to sit, hold a treat close to his/her nose, and then slowly move the treat back over their head. As your dog’s nose goes up to follow the treat, their bottom will go down.

3  Deliver the treat where you want your dog to be
When training your dog with treats – always deliver them when your pooch is in the correct position. If you’re teaching your dog to walk next to you on a leash, deliver the reward at your side; if you’re teaching your dog to lay down, deliver the treat to his/her mouth or between their forepaws so they don’t have to stretch up.

dog treats


4  Adjust your dog’s diet to accommodate for treats
Although it is good to be generous with treats to instil good behaviour in your pooch – do bear in mind during feeding times, that you adjust the amount of food your dog gets accordingly. An obedient dog doesn’t have to be fat!

5  Phase out dog treats
A common misconception is that dog’s will only perform for treats. Once your pooch performs a new behaviour 90% of the time, you can begin to reward treats less frequently. However, you should still reward your dog’s good behaviour and this doesn’t always have to be with food – some play time or a belly rub will suffice nicely!

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