Why my pet is my real valentine

For Valentine’s day this year, we wanted to really celebrate what our pets mean to us. For many owners, their pets are their best friends and trusted companions who have brought endless amounts of love and happiness into their lives.

This year we reached out and asked you for your stories of how your pet has brought love and happiness into your life, and this story was the one we found most touching, honest and heartfelt.

Many thanks to Karen Woodage for sharing her story with us.

The story of Ruby and I 


Ruby came into my life as a 7.5 week old puppy, we went to look at a friend’s puppies and they were all bounding around, apart from one tiny puppy who just sat in the corner of the room away from the other pups. My friend said that this poor little girl was bullied by her litter mates and was very scared of the other puppies. A lump stuck in my throat as I was taken back to my childhood and all the memories of the torment I went through for 6 years at school with bullying which started just after my dad had died. I was just 11 years old, my life as I knew it had ended.We decided to give this very special little girl a chance that I never had, a way out from the sadness and torment that I had gone through, so we took her home.

After suffering from depression for nearly 25 years and going in and out of therapy, Ruby has finally given me something to live for.
Loosing my dad and the constant bullying I suffered meant I lost all my confidence, I never went out and never really had any friends. I would go to work and then come straight home, and even that was a chore.

Ruby follows me wherever I go and I take her everywhere with me. She has given me the confidence to get out and start meeting people again. I first took Ruby to a local fun dog show with my daughter as didn’t feel able to go alone. She pulled me over to the show ring and looked up and my with her beautiful brown eyes as if to say ‘come on mum we can do this together’. All of a sudden it seemed as if a light had been switched on in me that had been out for so many years, I felt an over whelming love for this very special little dog. 559829_10151776525398244_718654862_n

Just a year after getting Ruby I was told I had skin cancer. Ruby gave me the strength to carry on through the treatment and the 2 operations I had to remove to cancer. She would come running to me when I came home from the hospital and would never leave my side. Thankfully I am now all clear of cancer.
I still find it really hard if I don’t have Ruby with me, and she makes me such a strong person. I have good and bad days, but Ruby is always by my side. She never judges me or tells me to pull myself together, and she is always there for me. Ruby is my world and my lifeline.


 Back in January this year, Ruby needed patella surgery.

Ruby had been there for me all throughout my illness and now it was my turn to be there for her. My vets gave me special permission to stay whilst she had her operation as the thought of leaving her broke my heart. She amazed the vets and nurses on how quickly she came around after the surgery, and how she had the strength to crawl to me as she woke. On Friday I was finally aloud to take her home and the time couldn’t come quick enough. She has a very long road ahead of her but with all the TLC she is getting and the therapy we have planned, I’m hoping its not going to be long until she up and about chasing her ball again.

Ruby is my whole world and I would do absolutely anything for her.


Thank you Karen for sharing your story, a luxury box of handmade chocolates from Alexeeva & Jones will be on it’s way to you.

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