Kim Sears – Picture Perfect

We’ve all seen Kim Sears loyally supporting boyfriend Andy Murray as he battles his way to the Wimbledon finals, but what is less well known is that Kim is an accomplished painter of pet portraits. Striking and in a bold distinctive style, Kim’s pictures capture the essential character of the pet. She works from photographs but also likes to spend some time with the animal in advance.



“I view my painting first and foremost as a hobby, which has fortunately grown enough for me to take more seriously. “ she says. “As cheesy as it sounds, Dad has always said to ‘find something you love to do, and you’ll never work another day in your life’. This is definitely something that I try to remember, and may explain why my career in retail never took off…! I appreciate art of every kind, but love to create paintings myself that are bold, upbeat and meaningful (and often very large).”

“My canine partners in crime are Border Terriers Maggie (Mayhem) and Rusty (Rascal). Mags has a tendency to pick fights and chase deer (she started, Fenton copied), whilst Rusty likes to finish my tea and eat soft furnishings. Maggie has an alarming knack with social media, and has her own twitter account that you can follow.”



Kim is not currently accepting commissions but, Studio Legohead and Tilly’s Studio are both available for pet portraits and photo shoots.


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