Pooches party at Rio carnival

“Every dog has its day.” And around 100 of them had it at Copacabana Beach’s annual ‘Blocao’ street pet party.

dog carnival 4

In the run up to Rio de Janeiro’s world-famous Carnival, which begins on 28 February, dogs and their owners dressed up and celebrated in the streets. Organiser Marco Antonio Toto said, “The neighbourhood of Copacabana has currently the most dog owners per square metre. It deserves this prestigious party. Our animals deserve this celebration.”

Brazil Carnival Dogs

‘Blocao’ – a wordplay on ‘bloco’ meaning street party, and ‘cao’ meaning dog – was kicked off with a 10-man brass band performing the city’s anthem Cidade Maravilhosa’ (Marvelous City).

dog carnival 2

The event gave the resident’s canine counterparts the opportunity to put on their best glad rags. Standard attire included tutus, headdresses and wings, with some dressing up presumably as their favourite characters, such as Minnie Mouse and Wonder Woman.

dog carnival 6

dog carnival 8

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