Rescue Amelie

Amelie the Mixed Breed (staffordshire bull terrier mixed with boxer) is searching for a new home…

Originally a rescue puppy, she was found by the Mayhew Trust and adopted by a loving family who she has lived with for three and a half years. However, sadly due to a new member of the family (a new born baby) and the family moving house, Amelie has become very stressed and miserable and has thus become prone to panic attacks. The family, are concerned that Amelie feels that her position in the house has been replaced by the baby and have reluctantly decided to rehome her.




Breed: Mixed Breed (Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Boxer)

Age: 3 ½

Personality: House trained, very gentle and loving character.

Please Note: Amelia can live with children but not babies or toddlers as she becomes stressed around them, she gets on with  other dogs however, her owners have advised that she would need to be the only dog as she needs love and consistency.

To find out more about adopting Amelie email Sam Robinson:>







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