Sasha Wilkins & Dachshund, Posetta

We chat to Sasha Wilkins – journalist, editor, broadcaster and founder of awarding-winning blog, Liberty London Girl – and Posetta Baddog, her Mulberry-loving rescue Dachshund with attitude.


1. What projects are you working on at the moment?

Obviously the blog takes a large chunk of my time, as does my digital consultancy business. I have an exciting pan-European project about to break in September, and I am working on a book of the blog. I probably need to travel less and knuckle down where the book is concerned…

2. Any advice for those wanting to pursue a career in journalism?

Write every day. Doesn’t matter what you write. It’s a great discipline, and it really does make you a better writer. Learn to take criticism, because you’ll always be edited. Be curious about everything. Trust your instincts. Network: who you know still matters, not necessarily for career advancement, but for finding great stories.

3. What breed is Posetta Baddog?

She’s a Miniature Wire-Haired Dachshund

4. Tell us more about your work with the Dogs Trust.

When my sister and I attended the premiere of The Artist hosted by Uggie and The Dogs Trust, I got talking to the press office about the Dog of the Day strand on LLG, where I photograph dogs belonging to friends in the fashion industry – and then I had a brainwave. So we now run the feature with a bright yellow Dogs Trust banner as a regular way to raise awareness of the Dogs Trust re-homing programme.

5. You’ve lived in both New York and London – which is more pet friendly?

New Yorkers are OBSESSED with their dogs. It’s pretty expensive to have a dog in NY: a lot of people send their dogs to doggy day care whilst they are at work, so I guess NY wins because you really need to love your dog to spend $30+ a day….

6. What”s on your wardrobe wish list for you and Posetta Baddog?

That dog is better clothed than I: Not only did Mulberry send her a beautiful black cashmere coat, Barbour custom made her two jackets. So I’m not sure madam is in need right now – although she does love a good sweater, as she doesn’t have any fur on her tummy and her low-slung under carriage gets a little chilly in winter! For me, I’ll take a couple of Roland Mouret dresses, please.

7. What are your favourite pet friendly places (in London and New York)?

In New York the only places a dog can play off the lead are in special dog runs in the parks. Tompkins Square Park in the East Village & Washington Square both have a pretty good assortment of dogs to watch.

In London, P Bad likes doing advanced ball throwing on Hampstead Heath and having a light workout in Regent’s Park.


And now over to Posetta Baddog the Dachshund…

1. How did you get your name?

When my mummies brought me home from Dachsie Rescue I already had a name: Rosebud, so they shortened it to Posy. Then Mummy Sasha said that it was important to have a proper name. She mentioned someone called T S Eliot who wrote a poem about the importance of naming cats. And if a cat has a double barrelled name then I reckon I deserve one too….I’m not sure I approve of being called P Bad tho. I overheard someone saying that I had so much attitude that I needed a hip hop name. Bloody rude, if you ask me.

2. Do you have a favourite canine companion?

My country cousin is a blue Whippet called Billy, who lives with granny. He’s very friendly and we go on lovely walks together.

3. Have you ever attended a fashion show?

Mummy Sasha won’t let me. She says she doesn’t approve of dogs as fashion accessories. (But I heard her saying something about all those skinny fashion ankles being too tempting for me.)

4. What are your top three products from PetsPyjamas?

I like the Sleepy Pod. I get a bit upset in cars, as I think this would make me feel nice and secure.

Doggy treats! I need lots of snacks, please.

I’m very patriotic, and I think this Union Jack collar would be perfect for the Jubilee & the Olympics.

5. Do you enjoy dressing up?

I have an excellent sweater which says Bad to the Bone on it, and Mulberry gave me a beautiful cashmere coat. But if Mummy Sasha or Mummy Holly ever tried to dress me up in a silly outfit I’d bite them. Snip snap. Don’t they know I have my dignity to protect?



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