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The UK is a nation of dog lovers – around 9 million to be exact – and a new study by the BBC has recently revealed that the type of canine you choose to take home could be down to your postcode.

After analysing ten years’ worth of microchip data, the breed that came top in almost every county in England, Wales and Scotland is the Labrador Retriever with over 509,000 tagged pets.

Jack Russell Terriers came in second – with more than 376,000 tagged as pets – and appear to be the favourite breed among those living in western parts of the UK, which include Northern Ireland, Plymouth, Truro, Bristol, Gloucester and South Wales.

However in North Eastern areas – such as Sunderland – Staffordshire Bull Terriers are favoured making them the third most popular with over 356,000 tagged as pets.

As the number one lifestyle website for pets – we suspected these canines were among the UK’s favourites and know how important it is to shop the perfect products for your breed. Here are some of our favourite items for Labradors, Jack Russells and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

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