Should I give my dog treats?

dog treats


With statistics from the RSPCA informing dog owners that up to 44% of dogs are overweight, many are becoming concerned about whether they should be feeding their canine friends with treats.

So, which treats are best? Should you be filling your dog treat bag with organic dog treats, biscuits or rawhide? And just how often should your dog receive a treat? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the vast amount of dog treat advice out there, then this short article might help you to make up your mind.

Treats are obviously beneficial to the training of your dog. Whether you’re rewarding good behaviour or trying to teach them a trick, a well-timed treat can be a great way to encourage routine and positive behaviour in your dog’s lifestyle. Used sparingly, this is effective – but if treats are given too freely, your pet might become confused and unaware of why they’re receiving the treat. And they also might start to pile on the pounds!

Most dog owners agree that you should avoid feeding your dog treats from your table. If you start slipping your furry friend treats from your own meal, you’ll be encouraging them to develop this habit – and they may become a pest at dinner time. More importantly, many of our own favourite treat foods – like chocolate and fatty meat, for example – are bad for our pets, so shouldn’t be shared.

For many, bone dog treats are a good way to keep dogs involved at dinner time. Giving your pet the carcass of your chicken or turkey may seem like a good idea, but actually the small bones in these animals are not shatter-resistant and could harm your canine pal. Instead, invest in bone dog treats, which are usually harmless biscuits infused with real meaty ingredients.

In recent years, many of us have become much more conscious of our diets, and those of our pets in turn. Many people have found that cutting out artificial ingredients and preservatives by making the switch to organic food has improved their health and wellbeing, so why not improve the diet of your four-legged friend too? With a wide range of organic dog treats available from LoveSniffy’s here at Pets Pyjamas, it’s easy to upgrade your pooch to a first-class diet.

Of course, it’s always good to bring treats along when you’re out and about with your pet. Whether your dog avoids the swan they normally terrorise at the park, waits patiently by the side of a road or learns a new trick, it’s great to have a treat ready to show him you appreciate it. So, why not invest in a fashion forward dog treat bag to carry around your snacks and treats? Given in moderation, treats are an excellent way to keep your dog well-behaved and happy!

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