Smart cat and dog collars monitor your pet’s feelings

A new ‘smart collar’ to replace normal cat and dog collars is to be released next year in the UK and will ‘tell’ pet owners how their beloved furry friend is feeling.

Similar to the health wristbands athletes and gym bunnies use to train – pet owners will be able to build a ‘personalised health profile’ of their pets allowing them to keep track of how many calories their dog and cat burns.

dog collars smart collar pet pace

The built in miniature sensors will also monitor the temperature, pulse, breathing rate and the activity patterns of the animal, with owners able to set up email and text alerts to notify them of any changes or trends.

PetPace, the company behind the health collar, says it will also detect whether a pet is in pain by assessing physiological and behavioural signs.


Vets have reportedly welcomed the invention, saying it could help diagnose and manage animals’ diseases and illnesses.

President of the British Veterinary Association Robin Hargreaves, told the Veterinary Times, ‘This kind of monitoring system could be very helpful in the diagnosis and management of disease.’

‘However, as with any type of diagnostic test monitoring the health of an animal, the interpretation of the results should be made by a veterinary surgeon, taking into account the clinical history of the animal as well as a physical examination by the vet.’


The ‘smart collar’ has already been launched in the US after three years of research and development, and is currently retailing at $150 (£89), in addition to a monthly service charge.

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