Labrador Sherrie is a celebrity surfing dog

A talented Labrador from the Isle of Wight has become a local celebrity after taking to the waves on her surfboard.

The seven year old pooch called Sherrie attracts dozens of spectators with her impressive knack for surfing, which she developed as a puppy after watching her owners surf. Mr and Mrs Fallon both spend as much of their spare time surfing as possible, and it only took Sherrie a couple of tries before she had seemingly mastered the art.


She has become such a revered attraction for the island that the tourist board recently ran a campaign centred around her impressive surf skills.

Mr Fallon believes Sherrie’s lower centre of gravity gives her a natural advantage on the board. He said “we used to put Sherrie on an old surfboard so she could watch and soon found that she become attached to it… Within months she would happily sit on the board while I pushed it towards the water’s edge and would stay put as it floated into the sea.” By Sherrie’s first summer, she had mastered standing on the board and could surf.

She has now been out riding the waves of South Wight for 5 years.

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