Meet the Director of Teddy Maximus and Her Dog

Teddy the Dachshund tells us all about life with owner Holly, founder and director of Teddy Maximus


How did you choose Holly as your owner?

We are the perfect fit – two blondies together. I decided she looked like fun and would give me lots of treats and cuddles so the decision was made! I inspired her to create the Teddy Maximus brand which is all about fun, luxury British style – we have a lot of great times and continue to meet wonderful friends through our journey together.

What does a typical day look like for you?

It’s pretty varied although it always starts and finishes with a walk and if I’m lucky, a cuddle in bed – she can’t resist my furry tummy! From helping to test our latest luxury accessories to modelling our collections, it goes without saying that I always give the paw of approval before anything goes live. When it all gets too tiring I curl up by the radiator in my Teddy Maximus Cocoon Bed which feels like sleeping on a marshmallow – divine!

How important is fashion to you?

In the words of Coco Chanel, every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway. I love any excuse to walk (wiggle) out in style but of course it’s how you wear it that counts – with plenty of attitude!

Which is your favourite piece from the collection?

I love my liberty ‘London‘ dog carrier and matching accessories, I alternate between the bow tie and neckerchief! The carrier doubles as a bed when we are on the go, I love to snuggle down in there! We use it in on the tube, whilst out shopping, in cafés, in the car (with a seat belt) and on holidays.


Whose style do you most admire? Can be human or animal!

We love style that is elegant, enduring and beautiful and we also aim to create this – British luxury is rich, varied and very much alive and kicking. My friend Dolly, a Maltese (you can find her on Instagram) is super cute, I love her style. I am delighted that she loves using our Sand Shetland carrier.

If Holly was a dog which breed would she be?

I’d like to think she’d be a Dachshund too but she’s too well-behaved and her bark isn’t as loud as mine…


Do you have a favourite human?

Yes, my Dad – he gives the best cuddles and always gives me treats (when my mum isn’t looking). He’s the bee’s knees.

Are you a city pooch or a country-loving hound?

My home is in the city and I love life in the fast lane, surrounded by other city loving hounds but I also like to escape to the country, especially as I originally came from Devon.


Where are your favourite places to walk?

I love Richmond Park, especially in the autumn. In the city, I often like to strut my stuff along the New Kings Road with a stop off at Hally’s for Brunch with Mum – her fav dish is avocado and poached egg on sourdough toast. Mine is sausages, sausages and more sausages (and if I can beg some of her egg then even better). To be honest I’ll eat anything, my mission is to rid the world of biscuits. I’ve never learnt to do tricks, but I’ve taught Holly how to give me treats!


Where do you go on holiday with Holly?

Holly takes me to Salcombe in Devon which is really dog-friendly, we’ve been going there for three or four years now. She’d recommend the Salcombe Harbour Hotel and the dog menu at the Victoria Inn. We also love going to Burgh Island with a stop off for crisps and a drink at the Pilchard Inn. I can run to the top of the island in a few minutes flat – for such little legs I can go surprisingly fast!

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