Terriers on Tour: Pet Passports at the ready

Rufus and Heidi pet passports

Rufus and Heidi’s pet passports

20 July 2013

T minus 2 days

There are many things that we need to remember to pack for Rufus and Heidi’s three-week Terriers on Tour road trip around Europe, but among the most important are their Pet Passports.

Without these, which have a record of essential vaccinations and treatments, the brother and sister Norfolk Terriers would not be allowed on to the Eurotunnel train, and our trip would be over before it started.

So, making sure that these travel documents were up to date was one of the first things on our checklist as the holiday approached, and a few weeks ago we went to see vet Sarah Ramsey.

Sarah confirmed that everything was in order, and so we should have no problems getting out of the country on the Eurotunnel train on Monday – and, at least as importantly, back into the country three weeks later.

Read more here from Sarah Ramsey about the Pet Passport scheme and its requirements, and tips for making sure your dog stays healthy while travelling with you.

Denise and Rory (Terriers on Tour road crew)

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