Terriers on Tour – continental canines

Rufus and Heidi excited about their holiday

‘What? We’re going away with you this time? For three weeks?’ … Rufus & Heidi are excited on being told about the trip

Next week, PetsPyjamas mascots Rufus and Heidi are setting off on their biggest adventure yet – a grrrr-and tour of Europe taking in France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany … and maybe a few other countries too.

And during their three-week road trip the Norfolk Terrier siblings need YOU to help them sniff out some of the best dog-friendly places on the continent to add to the PetsPyjamas Pet Neighbourhood.

While we’re travelling, we’ll be making use of the Pet Neighbourhood to find some fabulous five-star places to stay – like Le Meurice in Paris, which is our first stop on Monday 22nd July.

But the Terriers on Tour trip won’t all be pampered pooches living in the lap of luxury. We want to find out how easy (or hard) it is to take your dog on holiday to all sorts of different places. So we’ll be camping too! And we’ll be spending quite a bit of time in the air-conditioned Terriers on Tour car – to stay cool, and to check out as many “cool” dog-friendly places as possible on our three-week road trip.

This is where you come in, PetsPyjamas followers. We’d like you to tell us where we should go and what we should see. What are the best pet-friendly places you’ve found when you’ve taken your dog abroad? Tweet us @petspyjamas with the hashtag #PPJterriersontour or email denise@petspyjamas.com

We’re planning to travel around France in the first week, head south to the tip of the heel of Italy in the second, then turn back north for our return crossing on Eurotunnel back home to Britain at the end of the third.

You can follow Rufus and Heidi’s adventures (and their preparations for the trip) daily, with regular blogposts here on the PetsPyjamas magazine, on Twitter @petspyjamas and on our Facebook page.

Denise & Rory (Terriers on Tour road crew)


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The logo on the door of the Terriers on Tour car

Paws on the doors … the logo on the Terriers on Tour car


Terriers on Tour ... Rufus and Heidi enjoying themselves on a previous trip, on Southwold beach in Suffolk

Terriers on Tour … Rufus and Heidi enjoying themselves on a previous trip, on Southwold beach in Suffolk


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