Tessa & Rosie Fortescue and Noodle

To celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday 26th March, we caught up with dynamic mother and daughter duo Tessa and Rosie Fortescue to talk about life with their adorable Dachshund Noodle…


What are you working on at the moment?

Rosie Fortescue: I’m actually soon launching a second sausage dog shoe in collaboration with French Sole and Battersea Dogs Home. The first was so successful and we have raised a huge amount so far (£47,000) that we are launching a new spring colour way! I am also launching my new Rosie Fortescue Jewellery collection mid May which is super exciting!

What breed is Noodle and why did you choose her?

Tessa Fortescue: She is a long-haired miniature Dachshund. We fell in love with one a friend of ours had called Toffy and that is the reason we wanted one!

How do your friends get on with Noodle?

TF: Noodle gets on with everyone and loves to lick complete strangers (rather her than me!!)


How long have you had Noodle?

TF: Noodle is nearly 13 years old so she definitely has an Oyster card!

Does she come with you to work?

TF: Noodle came to work with me for about 11 years and it was like her second home.

What difference does Noodle make to your life?

TF: Noodle is with me 24/7 so when she is not with me I miss her and I hate leaving her alone.

RF: She is my entire life! The love I have for her grows every day and she is just the sweetest most divine natured dog.


Where do you go on holiday with Noodle? Does she have any favourite places?

RF: We take her to the south of France every summer and she loves it!

TF: Noodle has been coming to France every year with us and is so good in the car, she sleeps a lot and loves looking out of the window. We take a water sprayer to spray her with when she gets hot. She comes out every night to restaurants with us and the waiters offer her a drink before they do us!


Where are Noodle’s favourite places in London?

TF: We like to walk in Wandsworth Common, Battersea Park and Hurlingham Club.

Anything you feel strongly about regarding pet welfare?

TF: I think dogs should be allowed in more shops – we regularly go into Zara!

What do you and Noodle have planned for Mother’s Day?

TF: Whatever is planned for Mother’s Day, Noodle is sure to be included!

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