Top 10 Tips for Dog Health & Happiness


We all want to ensure that our dog’s life is as long and as happy as possible. And dogs, like humans, require proper care and attention to live a healthy and fulfilling life. Understanding dog wellbeing is crucial for this. By focusing on nutrition, exercise, grooming, and mental stimulation you can take important steps to improve your dog’s health. 

Every dog breed has different physical and mental needs, but with the help of ADAPTIL, here are some simple tips for keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Make Exercise a Priority – We recommend a couple of walks a day which will keep your four-legged friend happy and bushy-tailed. If your dog can become anxious on walks and in new environments, the ADAPTIL Calm Collar is ideal as it releases “appeasing messages” to create a safe and secure environment wherever your dog goes. It will help your dog cope with loud noises that you may encounter when out and about. 

Support Your Dog’s Training  – From their playful puppyhood to their more senior years, training helps to shape your pooch and is essential for mental stimulation and enrichment. From learning new tricks to rewarding good behaviour, training doesn’t have to be boring and can incorporate fun activities. Some dogs, however, might worry in new situations such as training sessions, and this would make it quite difficult for them to focus and learn effectively. Think about putting on an ADAPTIL ThunderShirt to help them feel more at ease in their surroundings. You can also develop a signal so your dog knows that a training session is about to start – this could be putting on your dog’s ThunderShirt.

Learn Your Dog’s Body Language – A wagging tail means a happy dog, right? Not necessarily! It just means the dog is aroused – and arousal can be driven by different emotions. Same with their bark, it could mean any number of things: an excited whoop; a ‘get-off-my-property’ threat; or a frustrated ‘Come on, throw that ball!’ The key to understanding your dog’s bark is the context. From happy dog’s ears to a relaxed tail position, take time to learn more about your pooch, it will provide you with great insights! If you notice signals that your dog is appearing stressed, for example, tail between their legs and ears back, it is important to help them feel calm and reassured. A fast calming tasty ADAPTIL Chew is a great treat to provide them and will start working in 30 minutes.

Create Calm & Safe Spaces – Whether you are at home or away on a dog-friendly holiday, it is important to create a calming space where your dog can feel relaxed. The ADAPTIL Calm Diffuser is an ideal solution as it releases Appeasing Pheromones which are odourless and are only perceived by dogs. They provide a strong signal of comfort and security to dogs of all ages, helping to alleviate your dog’s stress.  

Invest in a Good Pet Bed – Dogs should enjoy being able to lean their whole body against sufficient support and have the feeling of safety; they should be able to relax in comfort and therefore avoid pain caused by bad resting postures. 

Find Grooming Products That Your Dog Loves – Proper grooming is more than just having a cute pet. By grooming your pet, you will also be tackling potentially unhealthy conditions. Brushing helps stop matting which can lead to skin issues. Running a brush through their coat acts as a nice massage which promotes healthy blood circulation too. Grooming is a great bonding time, but if your pup finds it stressful, ADAPTIL’s advice is to spray some of the ADAPTIL Transport spray on the grooming mat as this will help to keep them calm. 

Don’t Forget Your Dog’s Teeth  – Your dog’s dental hygiene is hugely important. In fact, around 80% of dogs over the age of three suffer from some kind of dental problem, so it’s important to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Dental chews are a great way to help reach the small spaces in a dog’s mouth and reduce tartar buildup.


Understand Your Dog’s Diet – It is important to understand the nutritional value of the food you are giving your dog and to feed them a high-quality, balanced diet. Ideally, your dog should be eating healthy food that contains ingredients that you recognise, which in turn will benefit their physical well-being and prevent illness. Learn what they love and need depending on their life stage, as adult dogs and puppies need different nutrients.

Toys Are Important – All dogs need mental stimulation as well as physical exercise, and this is where toys are great – they are the equivalent of us doing a crossword or Sudoku puzzle. Enrichment and interactive toys can enhance your dog’s ability to learn, helping them develop new skills. It also promotes their natural behaviour such as foraging, exploring and playing.

Spend quality time together – Dogs are highly social animals that experience emotions and form strong bonds with their favourite people. You may not always have an abundance of time to spend with them during the working week, but it is important to put aside some dedicated time for your dog. This will help foster trust, companionship, and affection. Playing together, relaxing together, and going on walks together are all positive experiences that both of you will enjoy.

In partnership with ADAPTIL, the market-leading calming brand, we are pleased to launch our collection of Woof-Wellbeing-Retreats. We have hand-selected beautiful dog-friendly escapes which all have Adaptil calming rooms and spaces. At each property, your dog will feel relaxed as soon as they arrive, with ADAPTIL Calm Diffusers in communal spaces, ADAPTIL Travel Sprays at reception for when you’re out and about, and dog-friendly calming rooms with a wellbeing guide offering tips, a discount code, and a soothing doggy-Spotify playlist. Look out for Douxo Calm Shampoos too in doggy washrooms.