Top 10 Cat Toys

It’s not just dogs that need to be entertained – as well as sleeping in the sun, cat‘s love nothing more than playing. So to keep them constantly amused we have an array of interactive cat toys that can be used indoors as well as outdoors and will keep your kitty occupied for hours on end!

Play Tunnel

Hop Inn

As well as being colourful and lightweight, these stimulating play tunnels also imitate the natural environment and encourage typical behaviours of kittens and cats.


Hello Kitty Cat Activity 


The beautiful thing about this Hello Kitty Cat Activity Post with Fur Ball, apart from the obvious cuteness of it all, is that everything is carefully designed to be as functional as it is pretty and that all materials are completely safe, durable and of high quality.


Bella Rockin Laser



Cat toys can veer towards the cutesy; this plastic bird from Ethical Products is inspired by modern art and features clean contemporary lines and bright colours to provide stylish entertainment for your puss to chase the laser.


Goldfish Catnip Toys


Guaranteed to give your cat hours of fun, why not treat your feline friend to these fab catnip-infused toys. These little goldfish shaped plush toys are made from bright orange fabric with a vibrant polka dot print, and also feature feather embellishments for added texture and stimulation for your furry friend.


Letter Scratching Post

scratching post.jp1

Make your feline companion feel part of the family by investing in a stunning handmade cat scratcher in the shape of their initials. These alphabetised all-in-ones act as a scratch post, as well as a hide-away with two comfortable resting areas – perfect for cats who like a place to retreat to at will.


Cat Pouncer Collection


We know what makes the perfect cat toy; quality, durability and something that they can safely and freely attack! We also understand that, as well as the fun-factor, most cats also appreciate a toy that they can pick up and carry about with them and this fabulous gift set ticks all the boxes.


Flat Fish Cat Toy

creature clothes

Part of the Creature Clothes new range, this Flat Fish Cat Toy is a beautiful toy for your four-legged friend and will keep them entertained for hours on end.


Monster Pinky Catnip Toy


This premium quality cat toy features catnip, an internal crinkle, feathers and bell for attracting and holding a cats attention – what more could your cat ask for!


Hello Kitty Fur Ball Teaser


This Hello Kitty Fur Ball Cat Teaser is the perfect way to keep your furry friend in a playful mood all day long.



 Fat Catnip Fishcreature clothes1


This Denim toy is lightly impregnated with catnip to help hold you kitty’s interest and is perfect for cats who love to play. With a small elastic loop you can connect it to a stick, peg or a climbing frame to make sure you cat is always entertained and never bored.


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