How to take the perfect picture of your pet

Gina Jones, founder of pet photography service Tilly’s Studio shares her top 5 tips on how to capture the perfect picture of your pet.


There’s something magical about pets. They bring so much happiness into our lives in the most amazing ways. So, you can’t blame our culture for constantly snapping away on our phones, capturing cute and quirky pictures of our pets, uploading them to social media and waiting for the ‘Likes’ to pour in.

Photographing your pet isn’t always easy and often requires a tag-team effort but when you get that money shot it is such a great feeling. Running Tilly’s Studio for the last year, I’m constantly in the thick of it.  Every week pooches from across the country visit us as a treat from their wonderful owners. Some are celebrating their birthdays, others are on a doggy day out but for each owner they are looking for a photo that will capture the personality of their beloved pet.


If I’m honest, photographing pets isn’t a walk in the park, but I’ve learnt a few tricks along the way…

Top 5 tips for snapping your pet:

1.   Forget Flash

Keep it simple with natural light.  You’ll get a better understanding of photography basics and you can work up to flash later.

2.   Do the leg work

Unlike humans, pets don’t take direction so well, so be on your toes and be prepared to work around you pet.

3.   Bribery

Treats for your pet really can help to control the environment and buy some temporary loyalty. Leverage can be a beautiful thing.


4.   Be patient

It’s better to get one great shot then loads of average snaps (think of the memory you’ll save for starters). Take your time.

5.   Props

Have some fun and incorporate objects from around the house, they help to tell a story. Get creative!

Don’t fancy yourself as a photographer but want to capture the unique personality of your pet? Then head to Tilly’s Studio for a fun day out with your pet and check out how to get 30% OFF

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