Viva la Frenchie! Why French Bulldogs are top dogs

Here at PetsPyjamas, we are fans of all animal breeds – any shape or size, but with our finger on the pulse we have noticed a new increased interest in the distinctive French Bulldog.


Small, inclined to be stout, bulgy eyed, but still beautiful the French bulldog has suddenly become the dog de jour. Frenchies are appealing little souls, friendly, unfailingly cheerful and undemanding. They are not fighters or barkers and are sociable and gentle with children. The “Frenchie” has some famous friends and is seen with David Beckham, Reese Witherspoon and Georgia May Jagger. Figures from the Kennel Club show that numbers of the breed have increased by two thirds in the past year alone. The French bulldog is the fastest-growing breed of dog in Britain. Posh n Becks are said to be delighted with their Scarlet, while Hugh Jackman has Dali and Leo Di Caprio Django. El Bulli, once the world’s best restaurant was named after a French bulldog – and there is a large sculpture of one outside.

French bulldog celebs

The Kennel Club recommends buying from a reputable breeder – the puppy funder service on the Kennel Club website is a good place to look. French Bulldogs may have originally arrived here with lace makers fleeing persecution in France. They can be fawn, tan, brindle or black with large ears, short legs and a sturdy body shape. Puppy prices range from around £1000 to £3000.

Plus points:
· Very friendly and good with children.
· Does not need huge amounts of exercise.
· Not a persistent barker.
· Smooth haired so easy to groom.
· Small.

Minus points:
· Can have spine and knee problems.
· Can have eye problems.
· Can’t swim well because of their top heavy body shape

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