Why Should I Microchip my Dog?


PetsPyjamas welcomes the new government initiative to have all dogs microchipped. Co-founder and Creative Director Denise Elphick is championing the scheme.

‘If a microchipped dog is lost and is handed into a vet, the owner will be contacted’, she says. ‘It’s a great way of tracing lost dogs and to prevent the stealing and selling on of dogs.

My friend recently lost her dog and might not have found him if he hadn’t been microchipped.

In fact, I agree with Ben Fogle’s argument that not only should all dogs be microchipped, but every dog owner should have a compulsory license, to reduce the number of unwanted dogs being abandoned.’

The Facts About Microchipping – Your Questions Answered:

Where can I get my pet micro-chipped?


You can get your pet micro-chipped at any reputable veterinary practice.

How much does it cost?


On average, £20, although this can vary from practice to practice. Check with your vet for an exact fee.

Is there a recovery time?


No! It’s quick and simple – the microchip is simply inserted in the neck – and requires no recovery time.


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