Will, Kate and Spaniel Lupo Travel in Style

will and kate

When a couple, who were plane spotting, photographed a bright orange helicopter, they had no idea it contained the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The royal pair received a free ride from a friend passing by their home in North Wales, who offered to transport them to Denham, in Buckinghamshire. Will and Kate’s pet dog Lupo was able to tag along on the 200 mile flight, and reportedly managed to stay well-behaved despite the excitement of a helicopter ride. Once they landed, Kate let Lupo stretch his legs on the field, ensuring he was kept healthy and happy after an exciting journey.

Not all of us have the chance to fly by private helicopter, but no matter what mode of transport you opt for there are ways to make sure your pet stays comfy when travelling, even if you’re not travelling in Royal luxury!

  • Provide your furry friends with a good quality travel carrier. Make sure the carrier has enough room for your pet to lay down in.
  • Pack some toys to prevent boredom during long periods of travelling.
  • Remember to bring a water bowl or pet water bottle to prevent dehydration, something which is particularly important in the hotter months.
  • When taking your pet on a car trip, leave the window slightly open to allow fresh air into the car and use a car harness.
  • Make your pet’s travel case extra cosy by including some of your pet’s favourite blankets or cushions.
  • Bring some food and treats for the journey.
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