Wimbledon has officially begun, however it is not just us humans that love to watch a tennis ball fly through the air…

Big or small, wiry or smooth-coated, droolers or non-droolers; all breeds love the humble yellow ball.

tennis dog 1

There is actually a world record for the number of tennis balls held in a dogs mouth! The current record is held by Augie, a Golden Retriever from Dallas, Texas. Augie set the record in 2003 where he successfully held 5 standard sized tennis balls in his mouth.

tennis dogs 14

Dogs can often be found gazing lovingly at these mysteriously captivating balls, oblivious to the rest of the world.

tennis dog 2

Some can even do clever tricks with them….

tennis dog 4

Others just roll around in a joyous daze.


The depths these passionate pooches go to for their favourite toy should never be underestimated.

tennis dog 8

This pup looks ready to take on the competitors – ‘Just call me Roger Fur-derer!’

tennis dogs 13

If your dog loves tennis balls so much, you could make a bed out of them! Warning: bed chewing may occur regularly.

tennis dog 5

‘Don’t worry ball, you have my bed – I prefer the floor anyway’

tennis dog 7

Even the most pampered pooches can’t keep themselves away from the glorious neon balls.


This pup won’t let anything get in the way of him retrieving his tennis ball.

tennis dog 14

Need a new tennis ball themed game to play with your pooch? Try tennis ball cupcakes; place a tennis ball in each tin of an old cake tray, but also place some treats under the tennis balls for your pooch to find!

tennis dogs 15

Some dogs have such a love affair with the tennis ball they have even made a video about it – take this pup for example:

We sure all the tennis fandogs are wishing Rusty & Maggie May’s owner Andy Murray (2013’s Men’s Singles winner at Wimbledon) the best of luck in this years tournament!

tennis dogs 11

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