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Need to know Dachshund

The Dachshund really is the breed of variety – 6 varieties to be exact – and two sizes! Today, Dachshunds are very popular and generally considered as loyal and intelligent pets, suitable for both town and country environments.

TEMPERAMENT: A highly intelligent and very curious breed, the Dachshund is quite the character. As a breed the Dachshund is typically lively and spirited and can be rather headstrong. In balance they are also usually a very loyal and loving breed to their owner.

APPEARANCE: The UK’s six varieties of Dachshund includes two sizes – Standard and Miniature, and three coat types - Smooth-Haired, Long-Haired and Wire-Haired.

AVERAGE HEIGHT: 20-27cm (8-11 inches) Standard Dachshund & 13-18cm (5-7 inches) Miniature Dachshund.

AVERAGE WEIGHT: 9-12kg (20-26lbs) Standard Dachshund & 4-5kg (10-11lbs) Miniature Dachshund.

OUR TOP TIP: Dachshunds not only benefit from strong leadership - they thrive on it. Ensure your Dachshund is fully trained and socialised and he will make a devoted addition to any home – including those with children.

The origins of the Dachshund breed can be traced back to working dogs that would go to ground after game such as badgers and rabbits, or to track fallen/wounded deer.

EARLY REFERENCES: The first verifiable references to the Dachshund, originally named the "Dachs Kriecher" ("badger crawler") or "Dachs Krieger" ("badger warrior"), came from books written in the early 18th century.

RECOGNITION: Some writers and dachshund experts have theorized that the early roots of the Dachshund go back to ancient Egypt, where engravings were made featuring short-legged hunting dogs.

BREED SUBTYPES: Colours for the Dachshund include black & tan, brindle, chocolate, cream, red and silver, amongst other variations.

As with many other popular breeds the Dachshund is exposed to certain hereditary diseases, so always purchase a puppy from a trusted breeder and ask to see evidence of both parents medical history.

INHERITED CONDITIONS: The breed is known to have spinal problems, especially intervertebral disk disease (IVDD), due in part to an extremely long spinal column and short rib cage.

LIFESPAN: 10 years or more.

EXERCISE RECOMMENDATIONS: Don’t be fooled by their size – Dachshunds have a lot of stamina and must be walked for up to an hour daily.

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